Investment Immigration

No Requirement for the levels of education, age, and language. The requirement of family net assets is relative low. Joining a local existing business, or establishing a new one can get you the family PR cards. Your children can study in Canada immediately.


Skilled Worker Immigration

Federal skilled immigration refers to immigrants who based on their education, skills, and language levels to apply for immigration. It is one of the most important components of Canada immigration.


Spousal Sponsorship

This type of application is straightforward; do not require education, work experience, and language skills, as long as the sponsor can prove that you are in real relationship. The application will bound to be successful.


Retain Permanent Resident Status

Permanent resident card expired, due to lack of living time, people in foreign countries and other reasons cause Permanent resident card in trouble, we will help you to keep the card, and make an individual plan to retain your status.



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